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Man Accused of Damaging Woman’s Water Pipes, Admonished and Discharged – V-Link Media



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A St. James man accused of damaging a woman’s water pipes was admonished and discharged following his appearance in the St. James Parish Court on Wednesday.

The defendant, Paul Livingston, was charged with malicious destruction of property.

On July 12, around 10:00 p.m., Livingston and the complainant were involved in a dispute over water pipes at their residence, during which the complainant saw Livingston use a cutlass to chop up her water pipes worth $20,000.

During the hearing on Wednesday, the accused man told the court that the complainant had also chopped up his water pipes.

“What you should have done is to report it to the police instead of taking matters in your own hands,” said presiding parish judge Sasha Smith-Ashley.

“Has she compensated you for your pipe?” the judge then asked.

“No your honour,” Livingston replied.

“Have you had any issues since that time?”

 No your honour,” Livingston replied once more.

“You are admonished and discharged sir,” said the judge.

 “I am giving you a chance sir..Next time, do not take the law in your own hands…You make a report,” the judge added before allowing Livingston to leave the courtroom.


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